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Get the lowest Georgia car insurance rates and save hundreds or thousands of dollars every year. Shopping and comparing all of the auto insurance companies yourself takes hours of work and frustration. Let the experts do the work for you, so you can quickly compare offers from carriers that want your business. Whether you are a high-risk driver and need a special policy, or a preferred-risk that qualifies for every discount, we can help.

We find the cheapest offers in the Peach state so you can save as much as 60% off your premiums. Whether you live in Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Macon or any other city, we'll show you all of the best options. Regardless if you need comprehensive or just liability coverage, you will save money. We specialize in insuring drivers and vehicles of all ages. Seniors and persons that drive limited miles can receive a policy discount.

The Companies With The Lowest Rates

We should include a caveat here. There are dozens of variables that determine a car insurance premium. A carrier could conceivably offer incredibly competitive rates in one county, and also be one of the highest-priced companies in a neighboring county. The point to be taken is that there are many other companies that aren't on this short list that should be considered. Regardless, Shown below are several companies that consistently offer the most competitive pricing:





Liberty Mutual




State Farm

Country Financial

American Family


The General

State Farm, Geico, and USAA earned the highest available rating (A++) from A.M. Best Co.

Atlanta Auto Insurance Prices Olnine

We Will Find The Cheapest Car Insurance In Atlanta


What About Atlanta?

Rates in Atlanta are similar to most big cities. There will be pockets where prices are surprisingly low, and also some areas where it is very expensive. The calculations are based on the incidence of claims in that particular area coupled with your personal risk.  The amount of highway driving (Interstates I75, I85 and I285) could impact what you pay. Of course, we will show you the best available choices. NOTES: As expected, the zip codes with the lowest incidence of theft will feature the most competitive pricing. Local vehicle labor costs also impact pricing.

Loganville, Lareceville, and Snellville are three specific areas that show some of the highest prices. Located about 30 miles outside of Atlanta, all three communities may be hurt by the increased driving needed to get to work (assuming employment in or around the city). Nearby Riverdale (Clayton County) actually has higher rates than all three areas just mentioned. And although Augusta, Savannah, and Columbus are big cities, they don't have the traffic congestion that occurs in the Atlanta metro area.

Double trouble occurs if you are a high-risk driver in Atlanta. Then, our choices are more limited. High risk auto insurance rates can still be affordable, if there are no license suspensions or major violations. Often, even a multitude of speeding tickets will still result in premiums that are tolerable. We understand that low down-payments are often important, so we show you how to minimize the initial payment. Subsequent premiums can be billed monthly and late-payments can be made by credit card to avoid cancellation.

NOTE: Like most major cities, Atlanta features several major professional sports teams, including the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Dream, and Silverbacks. On any given night, one (or more) of these teams may be playing at home. And of course, local collegiate and high school games may be scheduled. From a traffic standpoint, more accidents tend to occur, so be careful if you're on the road as one of those games is ending.

Minimum Liability Limits

Georgia's minimum required liability limits are $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident and an additional $25,000 of property damage protection. Although we encourage higher limits to be considered, it is not a legal requirement. Uninsured motorist (UM) protection will cover damage to your vehicle and injuries to yourself and passengers. However it is not required to be included in your policy. Based on the high percentage of vehicles that are uncovered, adding UM benefits is a must choice.

You also are not required to present your ID card to verify compliance. But if you are stopped by the police, the Georgia Electronic Compliance System will need to verify you have current coverage that meets the state mandated requirements. If your existing coverage has lapsed, it will likely show up electronically and the police officer can take appropriate action. The GEICS (Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System) has been very effective identifying persons without proper coverage.

Although collision (damage to your vehicle) and comprehensive (fire, vandalism, theft etc...) coverage is also not a state requirement, if your car is financed or leased, you will need to include this in your policy. Multiple deductible options are available from most carriers. Comprehensive deductibles often range from $0 to $2,000. Collision deductibles are typically $100 to $1,000.

Lowering your comprehensive deductible will not significantly increase your premium. However, reducing the collision deductible will have a bigger impact. A big money-saver is raising your collision deductibles by $200, or as much as $500. However, if you don't own a clear title, you may not have as much flexibility from the finance company regarding deductible changes.

Different Deductible Options For Car

Pay Small Fender-Benders Yourself


Selecting the "best" deductible can be difficult, especially when it's nearly impossible to predict when and how often you will use it. However, we can help research and compare the companies that may be the best fit for your personal needs. Each carrier has a special "sweet spot" deductible that gives you the best pricing. Of course, if damages are minor (under $300), often paying for the repairs yourself is the best recourse, as long as there are no liability concerns.

For example, a family of four drivers (and vehicles) will naturally  pay a higher premium, especially if some, or all of the vehicles are fairly new. In this scenario, since the collision portion of the rate can be quite substantial, it's important to be aware of the carriers in your area of the state that offer the best prices, especially when you two or more vehicles have full coverage. Raising the deductible by just $250 might actually result in an overall savings of $250 or more. And assuming you won't have an at-fault accident every year, the deductible change puts more money in your pocket.

How Long Does A Quote Take?

We streamline the process, so once you have entered your zip code in the quote box, instantly, you'll see a list of the companies that currently have the lowest rate. You can request  your free online quote from each of the carriers. Typically, it will take less than five minutes. We know your time is valuable, so we simplify the process. You won't have to provide personal financial data, such as your social security number or checking/savings account information.

One of the most important tasks we do is rarely noticed. Prices actually change daily since there are hundreds of carriers that offer coverage. And typically, at least one company alters their prices or underwriting guidelines every 24 hours. By staying current and accurately monitoring these changes, we can ensure that our customers view the most competitive rates in their area. If "Company A" suddenly decreases their prices, you'll know about it!

Which Vehicles Are The Cheapest To Insure In Georgia?

Although your age, driving record, credit history, and coverage amounts are the major determinants of your car insurance rates, the vehicle you own will also weigh heavily in pricing. We have listed below 10 vehicles that won't break your wallet, and are likely to be less expensive to cover than most other similar options. In fairness, we could have listed 20-30 vehicles, but decided to focus on a smaller sampling.

Ford Edge

Jeep Cherokee

Subaru Outback

Kia Sportage

Jeep Patriot

Chevrolet Express

Hyundai Tucson GLS


Honda Odyssey

Toyota Prius

No, you should not exclude every other vehicle not on this list when you do your shopping. But it can serve as a guide that provides some affordable alternatives. Of course, these vehicles come in all shapes, and with many options. So there could be a variance in rates. "XL" and "STL" models may be more expensive. Four-wheel models also typically cost more and may get lower gas mileage.

How To Pay Less For Teen Driver Car Insurance

Good Student Discounts Are Available


Teen Drivers In Ga.

The training and licensing of young drivers is taken very seriously, especially since auto accidents are the leading cause of death among 15-20 year-olds. "Joshua's Law"  toughens the requirements of  any 16 year-old that wants to get licensed. An approved drivers-ed course must be completed and 40 hours of supervised driving must also have occurred. At least six of those hours must be during evening hours.

A teen driving safety web page has been set up here by the Department of Transportation. It discusses what steps to take if an accident occurs and  some basic driving tips. TEDRA (Teenage And Adult Driver Responsibility Act) is explained, including the three-step education program. These resources are free to consumers and if utilized, can save hundreds of dollars in premiums.

Tough Standards For Young Persons

An academic requirement is also now considered. Persons under age 18 must be in good school standing and regularly attending classes in private or public school. The standard state attendance requirement must be met. If any of these provisions are not met, a license will not be issued. Long-term, these academic requirements are expected to reduce the number of accidents.

If a teenager drops out of school for 10 days before graduating, driving privileges will be suspended. Also, 10 or more days of unexcused absences in the current or previous year will also result in a suspension. Striking (or threatening a teacher), possession of a weapon on school premises and prohibited sexual offenses will also result in suspended driving privileges.

The Department of Education also receives reporting for students that are home-schooled. A "Declaration Of Intent To Utilize A Home Study Program" (HSPDOI) form is accepted to verify compliance in the program. A 30-digit ID number helps identify the student's attendance.

Sale or possession of alcohol or drugs at a school function will be treated in the same manner. Fighting when physical harm (substantial) is considered an infraction that will result in loss of license. The message being sent is that you have to regularly attend classes and also behave. If you don't, you forfeit privileges.

How Do We Compare With Other States?

Typically, Georgia is one of the most expensive states to buy coverage. This is an important reason why our website is so valuable, since we find the few companies that will be affordable in your area. Remember, not everyone has to pay exceedingly high premiums. The large amount of snowfall in early 2014 also did not help prices for that year and also 2015. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) often publishes some helpful tips that can be used to help reduce your risk of an accident, especially in adverse weather.

High crime and theft rates, along with increased  numbers of uninsured drivers are why the state is one of the 10 most expensive states. The other nine are Louisiana, Oklahoma, Michigan, Washington DC, California, West Virginia, Connecticut, Montana and Rhode Island. These results do change and fluctuate each year, although the variance is not substantial.

Some of the least expensive states are Ohio, North Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Vermont, Indiana, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, New Hampshire and Colorado. If you are looking for a pattern, there isn't one! Included in that list are warm-weather states, cold states, small and large states, and Eastern and Western states!

Everything you wanted to know about cheap car insurance rates in Georgia but were afraid to ask, has been discussed. Please utilize our free resources and quote engine.


April 2014 -- A recent study by VP provided extensive research results on the areas of the state with the lowest prices. Cities with the most competitive prices include Athens, Albany, Valdosta, Hinesville, Brunswick, and Americus. The most expensive cities included Atlanta, Macon and East Point. For example, typical rates in Atlanta were about 40% higher than Valdosta (assuming similar drivers, vehicles and rating criteria.

September 2014 -- State Farm covers about 20% of the vehicles in the state, and has requested a 6.6% price increase to be effective in October. Earlier this year, a rate hike of almost 9% was taken. Naturally, many State Farm customers are questioning the reasons for the double-whammy.

The cost of claims for all companies has recently spiked, which is largely responsible for the rate changes. Litigation expenses for damage and injury are very costly, and often the consumer's pocketbook is impacted. If there's a silver lining to be found, it appears that after October, State Farm may not be increasing premiums for a while.

February 2015 -- Several legislative bills have been introduced that restrict the operations of law enforcement agencies. These include HB 56 (limitation of no-knock warrant), HB 69 (protecting data in vehicle black box), HP 74 (Limits local enforcement from helping federal agencies with terror suspects), HB 93 (destruction of license-plate readers records) and HB 112 (use of warrant that detects motion through walls). So far, reaction to the controversial bills is mixed.

September 2015 -- It's not just other drivers you have to watch out for. A growing problem on State highways is now the increasing number of collisions with deer. In a recent study by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), Georgia made the Top-20 list for deer collisions. Although your chances of this happening are still only about 1 in 130, the odds are getting better.

More than 50,000 claims were reported during a 12-month period between 2014 and 2015. However, it's also likely that another 50,000 incidents were never reported. Drivers should be more alert when crops and vegetation are close to highways, and there is little or no fencing in the area. And if traveling at a high rate of speed, swerving to avoid the collision may cause more serious damage.


June 2017 -- Portions of the Atlanta area continue to have some of the highest car insurance rates in the state. In a recent premium review, the following zip codes had the highest prices: 30318, 30035, 30314, and 30088. However, utilization of available discounts can reduce the premium by as much as 45%.

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