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Instantly find the cheapest Illinois auto insurance rates by comparing multiple companies. Shop the top-rated policy options by viewing side-by-side comparisons and viewing the IL carriers with the best offers. Your free online quote is customized to maximize savings. Whether you live in Chicago, Naperville, Rockford, Aurora, or any other city, we can help! We specialize in assisting persons that can not find affordable coverage. We show you how much each policy costs each month, and the amount of your total savings. Flexible billing and immediate coverage are offered. The average cost of auto insurance in Illinois is about 20% less than the national average.
For more than four decades, we have helped drivers obtain the best prices, by providing unbiased advice, live and accurate quotes, and  updated reviews and requirement information.  We accept no advertising, and are generally considered the foremost leading Illinois car insurance authority, since we can significantly reduce the premium. Both new and Senior drivers can potentially reduce premiums by as much as 45%. Your free comparisons are customized to match the vehicles you drive, and the type of coverage that best fits your specific situation. If you add or subtract drivers or vehicles, you can instantly update the best options.
Meeting The State Minimum Liability Limit Requirement
Regardless of which carrier insures your vehicles, the state minimum liability requirement (Law 625ILCS 5/7-601)  must be met. Although it periodically changes, currently, drivers must carry bodily injury of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence. An additional $25,000 of property damage coverage is also required. Uninsured motorists (UM) for the same $25,000/$50,000 is compulsory. All licensed vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and buses are required to meet the minimum limits, and also have a copy of your insurance ID card available in the vehicle. The next level of coverage is $50,000/$100,000/$50,000. Trailers are exempt from the state minimum liability limit requirement.
An electronic liability insurance verification program began last year that requires vehicle liability verification two times per year. If an initial verification check fails, a second attempt will be made within 30 days. If that attempt also fails, notification of registration suspension will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. Proof of coverage will be required to be furnished within 30 days. A fee of $100 and verification of compliance will be requited to remove the suspension. A citation can also be issued by a police officer if proof of liability coverage is not provided at the time of an accident or traffic stop. $500 is the minimum fine for driving without coverage.
A minimum fine of $1,000 will be imposed for operating a vehicle when the registration is currently suspended for driving without coverage. A suspension of registration continues for first-time offenders until proof of coverage and a $100 fee are paid. A vehicle can not be driven while the license plates are invalid. Three or more violations for driving without insurance requires an SR-22 Bond filing.
UM property damage (UMPD) is optional, and provides protection if someone without recognized insurance causes physical damage to your vehicle that is not covered on your existing policy. You are entitled to damages up to the value of your vehicle at the time of the loss. Therefore, if you have an older car with high-mileage, it may not be cost-efficient to carry this coverage. On newer vehicles, many of these types of benefits are required. UM benefits also provide protection if damage to your vehicle is caused by a hit-and-run driver.
Collision and comprehensive (vandalism, glass breakage, fire, theft etc...) is also optional. If you own your car (outright), a bank or financial institution can not force you to provide coverage unless you are using that vehicle as collateral. However, for vehicles less than 10 years old, it is advisable to continue to include collision and comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive only is also available. $500 deductibles are the most popular choice, although $1,000 and $2,500 deductibles are the most economical. $5,000 deductibles are popular on vehicles valued above $50,000.
You are also required to carry proof of coverage while driving, and to provide the identification card if requested by a police officer or the Illinois BMV. Typically, you receive a new  ID card every six months when your policy renews. Random questionnaires are also sent after moving violations are registered. Failure to provide proof of coverage can result in a fine and license suspension.
For example, if you are unable to show proof of current and compliant coverage, you may have to forfeit your license plates, and pay a fine of $500. This amount could increase to $1,000 if you are driving with suspended license plates. A $100 reinstatement fee will have to be paid, and the involved vehicle will not be allowed to be operated by any driver. You can be stopped for a traffic violation, or receive a questionnaire in the mail (randomly generated). In both situations, you are required to show proof of compliance.


Illinois Driver's License Requirements And Information

A valid license is required for all operators to drive a vehicle. Different classifications of the driver's license are determined by the weight of the vehicle. A Class D license is the most common for non-business usage. Age 18 is the minimum age to obtain a license unless 50 hours of practice driving can be documented, and a state-approved driving course has been completed. Visitors from other states and countries may legally drive if valid proof of licensing is provided. Government-owned vehicles driven by US service members are also exempt.

A six-hour adult driver education course completed through an Secretary Of State approved provider is required in some situations. For example, initial applicants (ages 18-20) that have never been licensed, must complete the course. Drivers under 18 can not operate a vehicle that is "for hire." Proper identification is required and a photo will be taken. Any current and active out-of-state licenses must be surrendered. A temporary license will be issued (after all requirements are fulfilled) and the permanent license will be mailed within 15 business days.

If applying for the Illinois REAL ID license, the following documentation is required: Proof of date of birth, proof of identity, proof of social security number, two documents to prove state residency, and proof of signature. Additional documentation is required if names do match the documents. In May of 2023, a real ID started to be needed if you visit military bases or secure federal facilities, fly on a domestic flight, and do not have a US passport or passport card. A REAL ID is not needed if you do not visit military bases, do not visit secure federal facilities, do not fly, and have a current valid passport.

Penalties for ID or driver's license fraud include arrest, loss of license for 12 months, and imprisonment of up to five years. Offenses include providing false information on a license, presenting false identification, using another person's license, and using an altered license.

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Written and driving exams, and a vision screening are often required when obtaining a license. A minimum of 20/40 vision with corrective lenses is required. Three attempts are allowed to pass the exam, although it must be completed within 12 months from when the application fee was paid. Any cheating on the exam will result in an instant fail with a 30-day wait for retaking the exam. Taking the exam for another person can result in a fine and a seven-day jail sentence. Attempted bribery will also result in a denial of license.

Drivers that have reached age 75 (new or renewal of license) and new drivers are required to pass a driving exam. The vehicle used for testing must have specified required equipment, including brakes, headlights, taillights, turn signals, license plate light, parking lights, mirrors, safety belts, windows, windshield wipers, horn, bumper, and muffler.

Seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities are provided special services that include oral examinations instead of written examinations, parking placards and license plates, lower license-renewal fees for Seniors, and interpreter services for any person hard of hearing or deaf. Members of the armed services (Military) along with their children and spouses, when returning to Illinois, are permitted to drive with an expired driver's license up to 120 days. A "Military Deferral Certificate" is required, and is available through the License And Medical Review Unit.

Additional Drivers License Options

Veteran Designation -- Upon request, a "Veteran" designation can appear on the front of the license. Proof of honorable discharge or retirement from any branch of the U.S. government must be provided, and certification must be received by the Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs.

Organ and Tissue Donor Registry -- Drivers who have reached age 16 are given an option to join the registry. Additional information about the program is provided online.

Selective Service -- All males between the ages of 18 and 25 must register with the Selective Service System. The signature on the license verifies that the registration has been completed, or permission is given to register.

Emergency Contact -- Registration is offered with the Emergency Contact Database. Emergency or law enforcement responders can more easily react and assist to emergency situations if the application process is completed.

Voter Registration -- Drivers will be provided information regarding their current registration and location where they should vote. Changes to the voting address and new registration will be offered. A Real ID compliant license application will also be used to register.

Temporary Visitor -- A TVDL is available to non-citizens who have obtained legal entry into the US and are temporarily living in Illinois. They also must be ineligible for a social security number. They also must not be required to obtain a driver's license and be able to provide acceptable documentation.

Military Duty -- Members of the US armed services, their spouses, and children, may operate a vehicle with an expired license for up to 120 days after they return to the state. A Military Deferral Certificate must be made available upon request.


If Your Illinois Car Insurance Is Cancelled
Although receiving a cancellation notice in the mail is a virtual guarantee of higher premiums, understanding your options helps ease the pain and saves you money. You may temporarily pay more, but it does not signify the situation will last long-term. Of course, receiving multiple cancellation notices will have a bigger impact on your premium.
NOTE: For the first two months (60 days) of coverage, you can be cancelled, and in most situations, it will not be overturned. Also, if your initial payment is not honored because of lack of funds, credit card declination or a similar situation, the policy will be backdated and terminated, as if it was never in-force.
There are three types of  "cancellations."  A "non-renewal" occurs when the carrier notifies you that your policy is ending and you can not continue coverage. A "flat" cancellation is simply when the carrier ends your policy prior to the official expiration date. A contract can also be rescinded when the insurer voids the policy as if it never existed. Therefore no claim is honored and a complete refund of any monies you paid will be returned. Thus, any submitted claims will be rejected.

If you can't find coverage because of the type of car you own, or your driving record, the "Illinois Automobile Insurance Program" can assist in the shopping process. Premiums are not cheap, but eventually, if you maintain a good driving record, more affordable options will become available. The following four requirements must be met to participate in the program.
Your driver's license must be current and valid.
There must be no other outstanding debts from prior auto insurance coverage within the last 36 months.
You must have been denied by another auto insurance carrier.
The vehicle must be safe for highway driving.

Other Reasons A Policy Can Be Cancelled
Not paying a required premium, even if it is a result of a recent change to the policy.
Violating the conditions of the contract.
Submitting a fraudulent claim or assisting another person doing the same thing. Prosecution is also likely.
Bought the policy through misrepresentation of facts.
Someone in your household has a suspended license or a health condition that puts other drivers at risk.
Major violations (DUI, Hit and Run etc...) within last 36 months for any member of the household.
Vehicle, because of mechanical or structural issues, has become a risk to other vehicles on road.
You transfer explosive or bomb-making materials in your vehicle. These situations may also result in state or federal investigations and/or charges.
How We Find The Best Prices
At first it wasn't easy, but after 39 years of experience (it doesn't seem that long), we know and understand what information is needed to show customers the best live prices. Incredibly powerful and state-of-the-art software products and data collection from insurers also helps us instantaneously determine which policy and/or carrier is the perfect fit for you. Whether you're 55 and retired or just got your license this year, we match you with the companies that can offer the biggest savings. Since we update carrier rates every week, we are always posting current offers. If companies leave or enter the marketplace, we immediately update your best options.
To provide the lowest available rates, it's extremely important to understand that the best fit for a high-risk driver in Chicago, will be different than a retired couple with a clean driving record in Champaign. Likewise, car insurance rates in Naperville and Joliet will differ than rates in Decatur and Peoria. And a family with four older vehicles may be better matched with a carrier that is different than the company that covers a single parent with two new vehicles. Each situation is different and underwriting guidelines constantly change. No single company is the best match for all situations, even in the same geographical area.
Once your zip code is provided, within 10-15 seconds, we show you the companies that are the most likely to have the lowest prices in your area. It only takes a few moments to view quotes, and compare various deductible and liability scenarios. You can also apply for coverage online, even if you need same-day coverage. Any required proof of coverage and/or ID cards can quickly be printed so you are immediately compliant. Of course, we never require that you provide financial or personal information. Also, there are no application or enrollment fees.
All major companies are reviewed, which helps us show you the most competitive rates in your area. Carriers that often feature attractive prices include Auto-Owners, Hartford, Farmers, State Farm, Rockford Mutual, Grange, Hastings Mutual, AAA, American Family, 21st Century, Cincinnati, SECURA, and Allstate.

Get Cheap Chicago Auto Insurance Prices

Not All Auto Insurance Rates In Chicago Are Expensive


What About Chicago?
Auto insurance rates in big cities (especially the biggest cities in the US) are often among the highest you'll find. But Chicago prices are fairly low compared to other big metropolis areas, and typically, you don't see the Windy City on the Top-20 lists of the most expensive large cities. Nearby Detroit, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis have higher pricing. However, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis have lower rates.
For example, in a recent national survey published by "The USA Today," Chicago's rates were rated as the 21st  most expensive (for bigger cities) and behind Detroit, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Houston. A comprehensive public transportation system helps reduce a fairly significant amount of traffic coming in and out of the city, especially during rush hour. And certainly this reduces the number of submitted claims each year. Adverse weather, however, increases the number of accidents in Winter months. Icy and snowy road conditions are responsible for thousands of claims each year.
Based upon recent studies and research, the three zip codes that feature the lowest prices in the Chicago area are 61761, 63205, and 62301. The three most expensive zip codes are 60621, 60624, and 60644. Often, the poorest neighborhoods of big cities have the highest prices, and Chicago is no exception. If you live in the Englewood area, you may pay as much as 30% to 60% higher than if you lived less than 20 minutes away. Higher crime rates also can contribute to bigger premiums because of increased theft, vandalism, and glass breakage. We hope that by 2024, Chicago's crime and homicide rates will reduce, although political and governmental changes may be needed.
Worst Illinois Cities To Get A Speeding Ticket
If you are convicted of a speeding violation, in most parts of the state, the cost is approximately $80 to $140, not including any unpaid parking tickets or other moving violation infractions. But that money is just the tip of a bigger iceberg. It is possible that your auto insurance premiums will increase, depending on how quickly your carrier checks your MVR.
We have listed below seven cities where you are likely to see your rates increase the most:
Oak Lawn
Park Ridge
East St. Louis
Melrose Park
Which Cities In Illinois Have The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates?
Before we list the cities that made our list, here's a big caveat: The list constantly changes, and since every household has a unique combination of vehicles, drivers, coverage, etc...don't fret if your city did not make the list. Your prices may still be very cheap. Here they are:
Rock Island
Melrose Park
Mount Prospect

Which Companies In Illinois Have The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates?

Although prices vary by zip code (and many other factors), the following carriers typically offer very competitive rates:

Auto Club
Rockford Mutual
Auto Owners
American Family
State Auto

Department Of Insurance Help
The State DOI is a great consumer resource for helpful information that your tax dollars pay for. Among the most common topics discussed are use of credit reports in the underwriting process, what to do if your policy is canceled or non-renewed, driving in Mexico or Canada, worker's compensation, fraudulent company practices, and identity theft. Several additional topics are listed below:

Car Sharing -- Car-sharing programs allow consumers to rent vehicles for short periods (an hour or a few days). Cost is based on the number of miles driven and length of usage. However, if you participate in these programs, you are responsible for the physical damage to your car and potential liability. Your current insurer may also terminate your policy and exclude any resulting damages.

Your Vehicle Is Not Totaled In An Accident And You Must File A Claim With Another Insurer -- Coverage is mandatory, so it is likely that the other party had their vehicle covered. You may file a first-party claim (your own insurer), or a third-party claim (the other carrier). A third-party claim will result in much less contact and correspondence with the insurer. An investigation will be completed and a settlement will be offered. Within 15 working days, claim forms must be presented.

Your Vehicle Is Totaled In An Accident -- State regulations (50 IAC Part 919) protect you in the claims process. However, following an accident, a claim must be promptly filed with specific details provided. Your car or truck must also receive appropriate protection if additional damage is possible. Typically, within three months of the incident, a "sworn proof of loss," which provides specific information regarding the loss. The carrier must repair or replace the vehicle (from a licensed dealership, if applicable).

Help With Driving To Mexico -- Your auto policy may not cover you while driving in Mexico. Accidents are considered criminal or civil violations. Temporary permits are available with proof of citizenship, registration, immigration forms, current driver's license, and other items.

Teenager Driving Assistance -- Young drivers are less experienced and have significantly more accidents than other age groups. Several tips can help reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. Don't text or talk on the phone while driving. Don't drive at night in unfamiliar areas. Always wear a seat belt and concentrate on the road, and not other passengers. Maintaining good grades will result in a substantial discount with most carriers.

Your Policy Is Terminated -- An Illinois insurer can terminate your policy by non renewal, cancellation, or rescission. Non-renewal occurs when the carrier ends your policy on the expiration date. Your policy can not terminate because of your sex, race, creed, occupation, marital status, or type of work you perform. Written notice must be provided that explains the reason. If a policy has been in force for more than five years, additional protection is provided.

Comparative Negligence -- When both drivers are partially at fault in a n accident with bodily injury or property damage, comparative negligence legislation helps determine which party will pay damages and the amount that will be dispersed. "Modified comparative negligence" is utilized in Illinois. This option only allows a party to recover damages if they were less than 50% at fault. The awarded damages are based on the severity of injury and damages and the percentage the driver was at fault. Typically, the insurance carrier makes an offer to resolve the claim.

Coverage For Persons that Keep Getting Denied For Coverage -- Help is available! ILAIP (Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan) offers policies to drivers that could not obtain coverage in the voluntary market. Licensed brokers can review rates and limits, and submit the application. Coverage must have been denied in the previous 60 days or proposed rates must have been higher than ILAIP prices.
  A current driver's license is also required.

Also, a comprehensive list of fact sheets is made available by the DOI to help current residents and persons that are moving to the state that need to update their license, registration, or title. Additional information is provided on comparative negligence, vehicle sharing, and tips for teen drivers.
Four Quick Tips That Will Save You Money

Illinois Auto Insurance Discounts

Prepare Early For Your Good-Student Discount!


If there are students in your household, always ask if you qualify for a "good student" or "student away" discount. The first option will reduce premiums by up to 20% if your child maintains a "B" or "80" average. The second option will dramatically reduce your rate if your son or daughter spends all (or nearly) year at school without one of your vehicles. Since youthful residents dramatically increase prices, these two discounts could make a huge difference. If you need help getting cheap high-risk car insurance rates, there are actually several carriers that specialize in finding the best offers. SR-22 Bonds are also available.
The AARP Smart Driving Course is a four-hour meeting (for two days) offered at many locations throughout the state. Libraries and schools are common meeting places. Defensive driving, laws, safety tips, and regulation are emphasized  to help Seniors refresh and possibly improve some of their skills. The price for course completion is only $15 ($20 if you don't belong to AARP) and by providing the certificate of completion to your carrier, a discount will be provided. Also, the reductions in premium will continue each year.
Make certain that you are "rated" correctly. Illinois car insurance prices are based on many factors including the "territory" where you live. Depending on the company, it could be based on your zip code, or possibly your county. For example, if you live in Lake, Dupage, or Will counties, even though you're close to Chicago (and Cook County), your rates should be quite different. And probably much lower! If you move, don't forget to notify your carrier.
Check your credit! Most companies utilize some form of your credit report to help determine the rate. While some carriers don't consider good or bad credit a major factor in determining prices, others, such as Allstate, more heavily rely on the data. You don't need an 800 score to get great offers, but if you recently had major credit issues, there are specific companies that will not be worth considering. There are several credible companies that offer free annual credit checks.

Important Illinois Traffic Safety Laws

Implied Consent Law -- When requested, a driver must consent to blood, urine, or breath testing. Law enforcement personnel can request these tests if there is reasonable suspicion of a DUI. Failure to consent to testing will result in a suspension of the driver's license for 12 months (first offense). A second offense within five years will result in a three-year license suspension. A third offense will result in a three-year license suspension, regardless of when prior offenses occurred.

Distracted Driving Law -- Each year, more than 1,000 accidents are caused by distracted driving. Laws restricting cellphone use are designed to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. Several of these restrictions include no texting while driving, no usage of cell phones in school zones or construction zones, and hands-free and handheld devices may not be used by newer drivers or bus drivers.

Inspections Of Truck Tractors -- A truck tractor with a semitrailer must be inspected every 12 months at an authorized testing station.

Passing A Bicycle From The Left -- In a no-passing zone, a vehicle can pass a bicycle on the left when the bicycle is traveling at less than half of the speed limit. Other approved situations are when the driver can easily pass the bicycle without exceeding the speed limit, and if there is ample room left of the center line.

Decals On Vehicle Windows -- Automotive dealers (new and used vehicles) must ensure that drivers do not have decals, paperwork, or signs on the front windshield of any car or truck that is driven from the premises. Side windows or any windows that can impact view must also be free of decals and other items.

Emergency Contact Driver Services

Illinois residents that have a valid driver's license can register emergency contact information online. Multiple individuals may be entered in the database that can be contacted in specific emergency situations. The named individuals are not required to have a state license or reside in the state.

Illinois Comparative Negligence Law

Legislation for comparative negligence determines how financial and legal responsibility is shared between the impacted parties. If both parties were partially at fault, the amount of compensation must be determined by the insurance companies. Illinois utilizes the "modified comparative negligence" option for the recovery of damages. Thus, an injured party can only recover compensation if the other party was more than 50% responsible for damages and injuries.

The awarded amount, however, cam be reduced by the carrier to match your proportion of negligence. Thus, if the other party was 70% at fault, you may only receive 70% compensation for the resulting damages. An offer is generally provided to the injured party after all information is reviewed. The insurer and injured party can negotiate a final settlement, although a court will determine a verdict if no agreement is made.

Past Information
State Farm is raising rates again, but the increase is only 1.1% and will be effective the end of April. There also have been two previous price hikes within the last two years. Higher-than-expected claims are the major reason for the change in premiums. Nationally, State Farm has been paying out more money in claims than the amount of funds received for customer premiums. However, investment gains have offset these losses.