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Get the cheapest car insurance rates online, compare multiple free secure quotes and save money!  We specialize in finding the auto insurance companies in your area that have the lowest premiums for your vehicles. Instantly, view the best offers, check your savings, and also apply for a policy. The process is very quick with no fees or obligations, regardless if you switch carriers. Multiple discounts and low monthly premiums are available, and you can use our mobile app at any time.


If you need same-day coverage, immediate proof of compliance, or money-saving tips, we can help find both inexpensive collision and comprehensive, and liability options. Very competitive homeowner's, and property and casualty policies are offered in most areas. Our comparison site is the best option for viewing auto insurance quotes from multiple companies in your area. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we annually publish the best and worst reviews of all companies. Although good credit and a clean driving record helps, additional factors can provide substantial savings.


You can get low-cost coverage without sacrificing quality or customer service. Budget-friendly plans from Erie, Geico, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, USAA, and other carriers, allow you to customize the coverage you need most, and eliminate benefits that you don't need or will rarely use. The best deals are not hard to find when you utilize our website tools. Since companies generally adjust premiums each year, it's important to have access to the most current offers from major carriers in your area. If your driving record (moving violations and at-fault accidents) has changed, reviewing other company offers (no obligation) makes financial sense.


Prices can greatly vary, so reviewing multiple quotes from top-rated carriers helps reduce your premium. In just a few clicks, discounts, options, and expert guidance helps consumers obtain the most competitive offers. Personalized recommendation's are based on the area you reside, the vehicles you own, and recent premium changes in the area.


By customizing your free quote to match your driving record, vehicles to be covered, desired liability limits, and available discounts, your savings is maximized. For example, households with multiple youthful drivers with several moving violations will benefit from lower rates from specific carriers. Another household with drivers over age 50 with no moving violations will benefit with competitive premiums from different companies. Many Senior discounts are available including several low-mileage and retired reductions. Pay-per-mile options are also available from many top companies, and the savings can be as much as 25%.


Who Are The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies?


That actually depends where you live. It's not unusual for one carrier to offer substantially lower prices in one area, and also have noncompetitive rates in another state. For example, Allstate and Esurance may have the best deals for new drivers in New York, but in nearby Pennsylvania, Progressive, Erie, Liberty Mutual, Esurance, and Geico may be the better options (This was a hypothetical option). In many Western states (California, Washington, and Arizona) the best prices are from companies that don't offer coverage in the East. In specific areas, State Farm, American Family, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, or Nationwide may have the most competitive offers.


In Illinois, Farmers, Hartford, AAA, Cincinnati, Erie, and Rockford Mutual are often the best options. One state over, in Missouri, often Auto-Owners, American Family, State Farm, Allied, Shelter, and Electric should be considered. Companies such as Elephant and Encompass underwrite policies in many states, and prices can substantially vary. USAA frequently provides attractive options, but applicants must be a retired, active, or honorably-separated enlisted personnel or officer of the US Military. Spouses, widows, and children are also eligible to apply for coverage. A separate policy is always available, although it may not be the most cost-effective option.


Elephant is a growing carrier, and currently offers coverage in several states. A subsidiary of the much-larger Admiral Group, Elephant has been offering policies in several states for about 20 years. Claims are easily and quickly files through your smartphone, and payments are generally disbursed electronically to hasten the process. Prices, products, availability, and discounts greatly vary, depending on your state of residence. Additional ancillary products may become available within the next 18 months.


Since each situation is different, we compare all of the major companies, taking into account discounts offered, rate stability, underwriting guidelines and ease of application. And as new vehicles and state regulations are introduced, we constantly update prices to bring you the top offers. If a state raises its minimum liability requirement, you will know. If bundling specific coverages reduce your premium, we show that method to you. The shopping tools we use, make it simple to compare your best options, regardless if you own a single vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles. Small-business coverage is offered by many commercial companies that provide flexible billing and increased liability protection.


Many retired and Senior discounts are offered that can substantially reduce the premium. Membership in AARP, AAA, and other organizations can often lower your premium, regardless if you have reached age 65. Completion of defensive driving courses will typically save 5%-15%, and many local locations are available. Newly-retired drivers may receive a discount, depending on the carrier. Retired military and low-mileage discounts are also generally available. Other common vehicle discounts include anti-theft, anti-lock brakes, new car, passive restraint, and daytime running lights.


Minimum Liability Coverage


We provide minimum liability car insurance quotes for all states. Limits can greatly vary, depending upon the state of residence. Periodically, each state will increase the lowest allowed bodily injury and property damage limits. Uninsured motorists, medical payments protection, and PIP are not required in all states. Carriers with low pricing for this type of coverage include Allstate, American National, Farmers, Hastings Mutual, Pekin, Progressive, Secura, and USAA. New Hampshire is the lone state that does not require a minimum amount of liability coverage.


States with the lowest required liability limits (bodily injury and property damage) are listed below:


California -- 15/30/5
Florida -- 10/10
Hawaii -- 20/40/10
Iowa -- 20/40/15
Louisiana -- 15/30/25
Massachusetts -- 20/40/5
New Jersey -- 5/30/5
Pennsylvania -- 15/30/5


States with the highest required liability limits (bodily injury and property damage) are listed below:


Alaska -- 50/100/25
Maine -- 50/100/25
Maryland -- 30/60/15
Michigan -- 50/100/10
Minnesota -- 30/60/10
North Carolina -- 30/60/25
Texas -- 30/60/25


How Does This Website Help Me?


Find Affordable Auto Insurance Now

We Shop So You Can Save

Firstly, it's important to understand that there are never any fees, charges or obligations when you use our resources. Although we are aware that other websites and brokerage agencies may charge an administration or service fee, we do not...and never will. We are not sponsored or reimbursed by any insurer and we accept no advertising from any carrier or corporation. We also accept no donations from the private or public sector. Our 40 years of impartial and authoritative experience, can consistently lower your costs, and provide additional affordable options.


Also, you do not have to "register" to view prices, and very rarely will you see any glitches or delays. We also never ask for personal financial information, such as your social security number, driver's license number or bank/credit card account numbers. Although providing the vehicle identification number (VIN) helps us more accurately shop for you, it typically is not required. You can obtain anonymous online quotes and reviews at any time. Regardless if your current coverage has lapsed, or you have been insured by the same company for 25 years, we may be able to reduce your costs.


We Have Been Helping Consumers For 40 Years With Their Property And Casualty Coverage!


We utilize a combination of four decades of home and car insurance experience, and high-tech software to closely monitor rates and trends of the largest and most respected companies. Since 1980, we have helped drivers, so we're probably one of the most experienced resources you will find. We're able to accurately determine the best policies for you, instead of haphazardly or randomly picking companies. By customizing quotes based on the make, model, and year of the vehicles you own, savings can be substantial. Young drivers on a tight budget, and commercial business owners with a fleet of vehicles have different needs, so we personalize each quote.

This makes it easy for us to know which carriers offer the best pricing at all times. And that translates into savings for you. Prices can greatly vary because of very minor differences. We look at all factors, both big and small, so you're getting accurate information at all times. If you purchase or lease a vehicle, it may make a difference regarding the most suitable policy. Although leased vehicles are available with no money down and low monthly rates, often the insurance requirements are higher than financed vehicles. Occasionally, purchasing gap benefits are a very cost-effective option. The leasing company representative can often provide unbiased guidance.


But it's not just about low rates. We feel it's equally important to consider how an insurer treats its customers. Do they handle claims fairly and quickly? Do they raise the premium for accidents that are not their customer's fault? Is it easy to make changes to policies? Can you speak to a live person in the US 24 hours per day? Do you need to ask for discounts or are they already applied to your premium? Is it easy to contact the carrier without long wait times? These are some of our concerns, because we know you care about them too.


How Do I Buy A Policy?


The process is quite simple. Once you have chosen the policy (and carrier) that you want to purchase, typically you have three ways to complete the application. Online is usually the quickest and perhaps the easiest. Coverage can be approved the same day and IC cards and a declarations page can be quickly provided. Of course, a hard-copy application can be submitted to many companies. The approval time, however, may be longer than the online option. And there are a few carriers that will allow an application to be faxed. Applications can also be emailed, and the process is fairly quick. ID cards are generally available shortly after a policy is approved. Payments, if required, can be made securely.


Visiting a local broker's office is also an option. We provide the complete contact information for brokers and agents in your area. Often, if needed, they will visit you at your home or a business location. Hours are typically flexible, including weekend hours. Local brokers with large agencies often participate in charity events and additional programs that benefit the local community. Pandemics (COVID) can limit face-to-face interaction and drastically reduce in-office hours. However, all servicing can be done remotely, if necessary, and claims can be effectively handled without face-to-face interaction.


Once the required information is received, the application is "underwritten," meaning that the data you provided is quickly reviewed, and an offer (policy) is sent. The effective date of coverage will be clearly stated so you can avoid a lapse in coverage if you are replacing another policy. If you need to change the date of coverage, it can be easily accomplished. If prior coverage has lapsed, requesting an immediate effective date should be a priority. A down payment of at least 15% of the six-month premium is generally required. The prior policy may have a grace period that reduces the period of time you were uninsured.


NOTE: It's very important to understand that even after you apply for a policy, you are under no obligation to accept the offer. Your circumstances may have changed, or perhaps you may decide to stay with your existing company, or apply with a completely different company. Regardless, unless you are satisfied with the offer and it meets your personal criteria, it's your decision whether to proceed forward. Also, regardless if you have been covered with the same company for just a few months, or more than 30 years, you can change carriers.


What if I Need An SR-22 Bond?


We can still help. Although it is not considered auto insurance, this form is actually a filing made by the carrier to the state where you reside proving that you are "financial responsible." It is very cheap protection, although it does not contain all of the benefits of a regular policy. It only covers yourself, but not other vehicles or drivers. You only need to keep the bond for a specific period of time. We help you find the cheapest high-risk car insurance rates, so you can pay less with the smallest down payment.


This "Certificate Of Responsibility" is ordered by your court or state. State-ordered bonds generally result in a letter from the DMV. Common circumstances that result in a need for an SR-22 Bond include not paying court-ordered child support, driving with no or not enough coverage, excess at-fault accidents or violations, DWI or DUI conviction, and repeat offenses. Drivers can appeal the decision that requires a Bond or Certificate and also shop for a low-cost bond at any time. Once you have driven 12-24 months without a moving violation or at-fault accident, additional affordable policy options may become available.


If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated (DUI), your license may have been suspended. There are also other situations where you may have lost your license, including multiple traffic offenses, multiple at-fault accidents, or not maintaining continuous coverage. We will show you the most affordable and quickest method to get your license back so you can safely get back on the road with the required protection. Just because you are considered "high risk," doesn't mean you can't find affordable policies.


Can I Get Prices Before I Actually Buy A New Vehicle?


Find Best Car Insurance Deals Online

We Help You Save Money

Yes, you can. Suppose you are considering buying three vehicles but you can't decide which one to purchase. For example, perhaps you are considering a Toyota RAV, Ford Escape and Chevrolet Impala. By knowing how much each vehicle would cost to insure, it may make your decision a bit easier. And you would also be able to learn about the impact different versions of the same model have on the premium. Often cars and trucks with a higher MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price), may actually cost less to insure than lower-priced vehicles. Many variables, including crash-test results, and theft-deterrence features can impact the rate.


If you are able to provide the VIN number (available through the dealership), an almost exact estimate of the potential rate can be calculated. Thus, comparing different vehicles and their costs of adding them to your policy will be very easy. NOTE: Dealerships can easily and quickly email the VIN numbers of several vehicles you are considering purchasing. Vehicles with extra options (XLE vs. LE) will typically cost slightly more to insure.


How Do I know What The Best Coverage Is For My Car?


Sometimes, there are several good choices. But we can present you with the most accurate information and unbiased guidance that will help. For example, if your vehicle is financed, you are required to have collision and comprehensive coverage. Once the car is no longer financed, you can consider removing those benefits. A leased vehicle will have slightly different requirements, including minimum liability limits of $100,000 per person, and $300,000 per occurrence. Gap riders, to protect against rapid depreciation when little or no down-payment is made, also are available on leased vehicles. If the vehicle is totaled, gap insurance covers the difference between the current value of the vehicle and the amount you owe.


However, waiting until the vehicle is at least 8-10 years old may be more cost-effective, since the value of the car will have depreciated to the point where it would make better financial sense. If the vehicle has very high mileage (more than 100,000), it's definitely a good time to consider removing collision coverage. Antique or classic automobiles can be insured through special stated-value policies, although periodically, an appraisal will be required. Many companies offer this type of coverage including State Farm, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, USAA, Geico, Allstate, and Farmers.



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